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TUTORIAL : Friendly ladder & Creating Teams

 International Soccer League
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author image by ObiWan | 0 Comments | August 10, 2020

Hey everyone!

I’ll be walking you through how to create your very own team and add your members so you can start matchmaking and climbing the ladders and win some prizes.

First of all, we have the Friendly Ladder ready which will start when there’s 8 teams signed up. Everyone will be able to play as many matches as they want. Make sure you try to win because the top 4 placed teams in the ladder will be placed in Division 1, the rest will be placed in Division 2.

1. Registering to the site.

In order to register, either click “Register” on the top right or top left ( Red circles in the screenshot below )

Next fill in all your details, check the checkbox and complete the Captcha, then complete the signup. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account instantly.

2. Creating a team

After creating an account, as a clan leader we want to now create our team. Hover your cursor over to the top right where you see your account avatar and click “Create a team” , indicated by the red circle in the screenshot below.

Create a team button

You will be taken to your teampage where you can :

  • Enter your team name
  • Upload your team logo
  • Completely stylize and design your unique teampage with widgets and your own custom HTML and a lot more.. tweak this as much as you want / can!

When you’re done doing all of this ( don’t worry if you forget to do something, you can always edit your teampage whenever you like ) hit the “Publish” button on the top right, indicated by the red circle in the image below.

3. Adding, promoting and demoting members.

In order for your players to join your team, they will have to visit your team’s page either by navigation in the main menu or someone providing them your team page’s link and they’ll be able to click the button “Request to join”, which is seen on the image below.

Members are able to join a team by clicking the “Request to join” button.

After your members have joined and you want to give them administrator rights to your team page to edit the layout and customize it, you can promote them just like in steamgroups. You’re also able to demote members when needed.

4. Challenging a team to a match

To challenge a team, head over to the team’s page and you will see the button “Challenge <team name>” on the top right, click this button.

Challenging a team is super easy!

On the next page, you will fill out the following :

  • Title of the match.
  • Description.
  • Friendly ( the result will not affect rankings or ladders ) or Official ( the result will affect rankings or ladders ).
  • Set your desired date for the match, this should be discussed with the opposing team leader.
  • Game ( CS:S for example ).
  • Then add a map that both you and the opposing team will agree on.
  • Make sure there’s only 1 round, remove the others when theres more than 1 round.

Once everything is filled in, click “Challenge” and the opposing team will be notified of the challenge instantly.

5. Accepting a match and submitting scores.

As soon as a team challenges you, you will be notified through email, notifications on the site or you can visit your team’s homepage and click on “Matches” as shown in the image below.

A new notification will popup on the “Matches” button which will be visible to all your team members, indicating you have a new challenge waiting for you.

After the match has been accepted and played, navigate either to the matches tab again on your team’s page or to the matches panel in the main menu of the site and click on your match. You will see a “Submit score” button on the top right. Enter the score and hit submit it.

After you’ve submitted the score, the other team will receive a notification of the score you entered and they will be able to accept or reject the score given by you. If they accept, the match will be official and your win will be set, however, if the team for some reason rejects the score, the match will be flagged and the admins will be notified for a manual review with punishments as possible consequence.

Notification that your score has been send and submitted to the opposing team.
The opposing team will now be able to click the Green Checkmark to accept the score or the Red Cross to reject it.

That’s it! You’re ready to go and become the best team of the new ISL Season 2 competition. If there’s any more questions, please visit our forums.

For feedback on this tutorial or anything else related to the site or the league, please visit our forums and leave a message. Thank you!